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Shalini’s website legals checklist and audit

Are you confident in your website legals?

If you’re like so many other solopreneurs I’ve worked with, you’re scared by the legal side of your business. You think it’s too complicated, too expensive, and too full of legalese… so you just don’t address that side of your business. You don’t even know what legals you need or whether you need legals for your business, so you haven’t implemented them in your business.

One of the most vital things you need as an online business owner is a set of website legals that you are confident to stand behind. 

And yet, so many business owners aren’t using website legals, or they’re using legals that they’ve created themselves from a mishmash of templates or content copied from other businesses’ legals.

Create website legals that you can be proud of, that represent your beautiful business, that you’re confident in displaying on your website.

This website legals checklist and audit will help you to define exactly what you need to put into your legals. It’s made up of the questions I ask clients when we sit down to write website legals tailored to their individual business.

It will help you to examine your business and processes so you can create website legals that are as wonderful as your business is.

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website legals for online small business owners

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