Mindset, Relationship, and Life Coaches – how well is your client agreement written?

Coaching or therapy service providers

Being a Heart Centred Entrepreneur – What Does Your Client Agreement Say About You? Law is not the easiest of professions.  Trust me, we do not come to our profession with creativity, empathy and heart space as a priority. Creativity and heart-centeredness is beaten out of us at law school and then the demands of … Read more

Legal Agreements for your Clients and Paying Attention to the Services Section

Legal Agreements For Your Clients And Paying Attention To The Services Section

Client Service Agreements for Service Providers – coaches, consultants, therapists and photographers!!!  Client Service Agreements – Today I am talking about the need to pay attention to the Services section of your Client Agreement or Business Terms and conditions. A poor description with insufficient detail or one that doesn’t gel with what you actually do … Read more

4 reasons your client agreement is more than just a legal document

client agreement is more than a legal document

Although many business owners neglect them, a client agreement is a vital business tool for managing your business. A client agreement is much more than just a legal document – a good agreement is about gathering business intelligence so that you can refine your processes, find the right clients, make money with ease and grace, and … Read more

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