9 Self-Advocacy Tips for Freelancers

Self-Advocacy Tips for Freelancers

Freelancing or embracing the self-employed lifestyle where you are offering your expertise to multiple clients is an exciting change of direction when you choose to do it. It’s a big and often welcome change to the restrictions of being employed. Launching and marketing your new service as a freelancer or independent contractor brings with it all the ups … Read more

The key reasons why website legals are important for any business owner

The key reasons why website legals are important for any business owner

You have a website for your business right? In the video below I talk about the key reasons why website legals are important for any business owner – including start-ups! The main concerns that a good set of Website Legals (ie Terms of Use and Privacy Policy) cover are: 1. prevention of misuse of your … Read more

8 Reasons To Have A Contract When You Freelance

8 reasons to have a contract when freelance

If you work for yourself and you have multiple clients, then you are a freelancer. It’s a great feeling being the boss in your own business and when you start freelancing you pretty much wing it. You take what work comes your way, you make quick decisions about pricing and the services you offer, and … Read more

9 Authentic Things I’ve Found To Be True About Entrepreneurs

9 Authentic Things I've Found To Be True About Entrepreneurs - Legally Shalini

After helping over 320 entrepreneurs and micro-businesses with business legals here the 9 authentic things I’ve found to be true about entrepreneurs: 1. Show Your Ideal Client, Who You Are To stand out from the online presence of numerous entrepreneurs doing similar work you need to show your ideal client who you are, what you do … Read more

Aligning Business Terms and Conditions to your Marketing Messaging

Marketing Messaging and Business Terms Conditions

Your Business Terms and Conditions and your Marketing Messaging are more connected than you realise! Think about your marketing messaging and your target market or ideal client. In compelling copy, you are speaking to your client about: the problem you solve, how your beautiful business came about, who you are in your business, why they … Read more

Legals You Need to Consider for Your Ideal Client

Legals you need to consider for your ideal client

Who are your ideal clients? Today I am talking to you about the notion of an ideal client and the importance of Business Terms and Conditions. You can educate your clients about how to become your ideal client. By that I mean, when you are onboarding a client, communicate with them about your expectations of … Read more

Legals you Need to Consider Before Signing Up For An Online Course – Part 2

Legals you need to consider before signing up for an online course - part 2 -legally shalini

In Part 1, I delved into what you should look for when signing up for an online course, and how to know it is legitimate. If you missed Part 1 of this series, you are welcome to watch it first here. Today, in Part 2, I am talking to you about the Terms and Conditions that are … Read more

Legal Agreements for your Clients and Paying Attention to the Services Section

Legal Agreements For Your Clients And Paying Attention To The Services Section

For coaches, consultants, therapists and photographers!!! Today I am talking about the need to pay attention to the Services section of your Client Agreement or Business Terms and conditions. A poor description with insufficient detail or one that doesn’t gel with what you actually do in your business leads to unhappy clients, legal issues and negative … Read more

Legals You Need When Hiring People

Self Advocacy as a client! Today I am talking about what you can do as a client, to get the best outcome for yourself when you engage someone’s services. Whenever you are hiring people or making a purchase, the biggest thing to ask for is their Business Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions should describe the … Read more

Legals You Need For A Successful Business Collaboration


Are you thinking about collaborating in business? Today I wanted to share the legal policies and agreements you need to have in place to make that collaboration a successful one – regardless of profit outcome. What do I mean by that? Well basically it’s much easier and less emotionally draining for all parties to be … Read more