How Your Client Agreement Builds Better Relationships

Legally Shalini - Client Agreement

Shalini recently spoke with Lauren Stratford, Productivity Coach at Seriously Sorted, regarding client agreements and the multitude of benefits.  You can listen here to the podcast, or you may prefer to read the transcript below. As always, if you need help with your own client agreement, you can contact me for a free chat, or … Read more

How Your Business Model Impacts Your Legals

How Your Business Model Impacts Your Legals

I recently had a discovery call with a woman who wanted to start a business selling eco-friendly products. She would sell everything from reusable cups, straws, bags, healthy snacks, teas, biodegradable nappies, and more. After she came up with her idea, this lovely lady smartly decided to start her business journey by investigating any legal … Read more

Startups and Trademarks

Trademarks for Small Business

Are you in the start-up stage of your business and concerned about whether to trademark your logo or business name? It’s often a concern that someone might take your business name or product idea right out from underneath you. And, it happens more than you think. Trademarking is an important protection for your business, but … Read more

Crucial foundations for start-up business success

Crucial foundations for start-up business success

Laura & Shalini talk start-up business foundations I recently spoke with money mentor and profit pioneer, Laura Elkaslassy, on the crucial and critical foundations start-up business owners need to consider, but that they often overlook. We believe you need to have these things in place from the outset so that you can clearly and confidently … Read more

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