Mindset, Relationship, and Life Coaches – how well is your client agreement written?

Coaching or therapy service providers

Being a Heart Centred Entrepreneur – What Does Your Client Agreement Say About You? Law is not the easiest of professions.  Trust me, we do not come to our profession with creativity, empathy and heart space as a priority. Creativity and heart-centeredness is beaten out of us at law school and then the demands of … Read more

I am Woman. I am Human. I am a Legal Practitioner.

Shalini Nandan Singh Brisbane Contract Lawyer

This is difficult to write… but write it I must. Tonight, like so many other business women, I am feeling very stressed, overwhelmed and so tired. The most positive thing I can summon energy for is hot milo on coconut milk and Bloodline on Netflix and my couch. Normally when I am feeling stressed, I just … Read more

How Your Client Agreement Builds Better Relationships

Legally Shalini - Client Agreement

Shalini recently spoke with Lauren Stratford, Productivity Coach at Seriously Sorted, regarding client agreements and the multitude of benefits.  You can listen here to the podcast, or you may prefer to read the transcript below. As always, if you need help with your own client agreement, you can contact me for a free chat, or … Read more

Managing Fears In Business With Well Drafted Legal Contracts

Managing Fears In Business With Well Drafted Legal Contracts

If you’re a solopreneur, then managing fear in business is something you do on a daily basis. There are two main fears that come up for solopreneurs frequently that can be managed quite effectively with well-crafted legals. Starting your business, creating products and services, your brand and marketing your business while putting yourself out there … Read more

5 Tips For Starting Your Business As A Solopreneur

Tips for Starting Your Business as a solopreneur

Starting Your Business A common question that I am asked, and one that pops up when people are first starting out on their entrepreneurial journey, is what 5 things should I do when first starting my business? There are so many aspects to starting your business, from accounting, to marketing, to business legals, to sales, … Read more

5 key things you need to know about crafting Terms & Conditions for your business

5 things you need to know about Terms & Conditions for your business

There’s a difference between commercial law and what I do. The reason I say there’s a difference between commercial law and startup business law and advocacy is because the needs are different. I work exclusively with solopreneurs and startups. The reason I do this because in the first 5 years of business your needs are … Read more

Cutting Through the Overwhelm of Business Start-up: Legal Fundamentals

Legal Fundamentals for Start-up Business

Recently I participated in a video summit called “Cutting Through the Overwhelm of Business Start-up”. The summit was hosted by Tracy Cox from Different Drummer Coaching. The summit was held to help start-up business owners with the information they need to find their feet and get off to a good start in business. As a small … Read more

3 Important Legal Documents You Need To Have BEFORE You Sell Online

3 Important Legal Documents You Need In Online Business

Starting an online business means different things to different people, but legal documents are important nonetheless. To some it means being able to: Contribute to the income of the household or even becoming the breadwinner of the family; Spend time with kids, watch them grow and be a part of their lives everyday; Live the laptop life, … Read more

Three ways to make striking out on your own easier

Three ways to make striking out on your own in business easier 2

A client came to me recently when she was thinking about leaving her full-time job to startup a business of her own. She had thought about it for a while—in fact, she had already tried to go into business once before, but had been too scared and worried to go for it. She didn’t believe … Read more

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