Have you read any Terms & Conditions lately?

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I’m often asked whether a contractual term or condition is legally binding, and/or enforceable.

Because let’s face it, so many people don’t take time to read, and properly understand ALL the clauses in a contract. Just think of all the times you:

– clicked “accept” on a cookie message,

– accepted new phone software terms of use that pops up with software updates,

– or skimmed through a business service agreement or client contract,

without reading the terms and conditions.

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Breaking Up with Clients Legally

Breaking Up With Clients Legally

Breaking up is legally hard – particularly when it’s with a client. Clearly, this is NOT the outcome we envision when we accept a new client, and for most small business start-ups, it causes huge anxiety to turn down work. BUT sometimes, there are differences in opinion over scope, deliverables, even pricing and values, which … Read more

Did you know…? Templates have rules of use! Read on….

Legally Shalini - Blog Cover Templates have Rules of Use

When purchasing a template, it’s important to understand the rules of use. I want to share a conversation with you about using Legally Shalini templates for commercial purposes, other than your own  website and business because this applies to any templates you buy to use in your business. A website developer client (non-affiliate) asked me … Read more

When Copy/ Paste Becomes IP Theft.

When Copy/ Paste Becomes IP Theft. So, you’re a new small business, everyone wants a piece of your time, your suppliers all want their money and your customers are refusing to pay.  Your profits are being squashed from all sides, and something’s got to give. You are looking to cut corners.  Get something for nothing.  … Read more

How well do you really know your business?

We all like to think that we know our businesses inside out, but if you don’t have a solid client agreement, how well do you really know your business? You may know that you have a service or product-based business, and that you’re seeing clients, or that you’re generating sales. You may have processes that … Read more

Protect Your Business With A Non-Disclosure Agreement

confidentiality agreement for business idea

A Non-Disclosure Agreement, also known as a Confidentiality Agreement, is a key tool for protecting your business ideas. Whether you are: starting a new business creating a new project or service in your business need to talk about ideas about a new direction product or service It is really important to keep your cards close … Read more

10 Ways Business Terms & Conditions Educate Your Clients

10 Ways Business Terms & Conditions Educate Your Clients

Hey you, yes you…over there. Yes you who are poring over your social media post plans, your canva graphic creation to match your #helpfultips posts, and your offer copy that you labour over for #promoday not to mention trying to find a graphic to match! You are spending a lot of sweat, time, and possibly … Read more

8 Tips For Managing Contract Amendments

8 Tips For Managing Contract Amendments

If you are a smart business person you will have a service contract or client agreement in place with all of the clients you work with. You will also be asked to sign a contract when doing business with another service provider. For example that may be a contract or service agreement from your graphic … Read more

FAQs are not Business Terms and Conditions (and why you need both!)

FAQs are not business terms and conditions - Shalini

You may see on many websites selling items or services a section called the “FAQ” or the “Frequently Asked Questions” section. I want to draw your attention to the difference between FAQs and actual agreements, policies, or legals on your website that people are bound by. The bottom line or key thing to remember is … Read more

When can ‘No Refund’ apply to a sale of a product or service

In this video I talk about the old chestnut: When can “no refund will be offered” apply to a sale of a product or service on your website? What does Australian Consumer law say about “no refunds”? What are the Consumer Guarantees? What have they got to do with applying a “no refund” policy? I also … Read more

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