Aligning Business Terms and Conditions to your Marketing Messaging

Marketing Messaging and Business Terms Conditions

Your Business Terms and Conditions and your Marketing Messaging are more connected than you realise! Think about your marketing messaging and your target market or ideal client. In compelling copy, you are speaking to your client about: the problem you solve, how your beautiful business came about, who you are in your business, why they … Read more

Legals You Need to Consider for Your Ideal Client

Legals you need to consider for your ideal client

Who is your ideal client? Today we talk about the notion of an ideal client and the importance of Business Terms and Conditions. You can educate your clients about how to become your ideal client. By that I mean, when you are onboarding a client, communicate with them about your expectations of the business relationship. … Read more

4 reasons your client agreement is more than just a legal document

client agreement is more than a legal document

Although many business owners neglect them, a client agreement is a vital business tool for managing your business. A client agreement is much more than just a legal document – a good agreement is about gathering business intelligence so that you can refine your processes, find the right clients, make money with ease and grace, and … Read more

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