Are penalty fees legal?

Is it legal to charge late payment, penalty or cancellation fees? With all the Corona and COVID issues at the moment, there’s so many order cancellations, late payments, and customers defaulting on invoicing at the moment – it seems timely to discuss the legalities of charging non-payment, late payment, penalty or early cancellation fees. So … Read more

8 Tips For Managing Contract Amendments

8 Tips For Managing Contract Amendments

If you are a smart business person you will have a service contract or client agreement in place with all of the clients you work with. You will also be asked to sign a contract when doing business with another service provider. For example that may be a contract or service agreement from your graphic … Read more

Managing Fears In Business With Well Drafted Legal Contracts

Managing Fears In Business With Well Drafted Legal Contracts

If you’re a solopreneur, then managing fear in business is something you do on a daily basis. There are two main fears that come up for solopreneurs frequently that can be managed quite effectively with well-crafted legals. Starting your business, creating products and services, your brand and marketing your business while putting yourself out there … Read more

When can ‘No Refund’ apply to a sale of a product or service

In this video I talk about the old chestnut: When can “no refund will be offered” apply to a sale of a product or service on your website? What does Australian Consumer law say about “no refunds”? What are the Consumer Guarantees? What have they got to do with applying a “no refund” policy? I also … Read more

8 Reasons To Have A Contract When You Freelance

8 reasons to have a contract when freelance

If you work for yourself and you have multiple clients, then you are a freelancer. But do you implement a contract when you freelance? It’s a great feeling being the boss in your own business and when you start freelancing you pretty much wing it. You take what work comes your way, you make quick … Read more

4 reasons your client agreement is more than just a legal document

client agreement is more than a legal document

Although many business owners neglect them, a client agreement is a vital business tool for managing your business. A client agreement is much more than just a legal document – a good agreement is about gathering business intelligence so that you can refine your processes, find the right clients, make money with ease and grace, and … Read more

Why some solopreneurs think client contracts are for the fairies

client contracts for fairies

I have been chatting to fellow solopreneurs in recent weeks about this and that… and oh yes Client Contracts, Business Agreements and Legals. Our businesses, mine and theirs, are about doing what we love, engagement with our tribe, aligning our values with practice – finding and living the big “WHY” of being solopreneurs and doing … Read more

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