Why start-ups struggle to define boundaries in their business

boundaries in business for freelancers

Boundaries are a big game changer in business. When you know what you are prepared to do, and importantly what you are not prepared to put up with, you start to feel confident to put those rules and regulations out there for your clients (current and potential) to view and consider. It’s when this starts … Read more

9 Self-Advocacy Tips for Freelancers

Self-Advocacy Tips for Freelancers

Freelancing or embracing the self-employed lifestyle where you are offering your expertise to multiple clients is an exciting change of direction when you choose to do it. It’s a big and often welcome change to the restrictions of being employed. Launching and marketing your new service as a freelancer or independent contractor brings with it all the ups … Read more

5 key things you need to know about crafting Terms & Conditions for your business

5 things you need to know about Terms & Conditions for your business

There’s a difference between commercial law and what I do. The reason I say there’s a difference between commercial law and startup business law and advocacy is because the needs are different. I work exclusively with solopreneurs and startups. The reason I do this because in the first 5 years of business your needs are actually … Read more

Legals You Need to Consider for Your Ideal Client

Legals you need to consider for your ideal client

Who are your ideal clients? Today I am talking to you about the notion of an ideal client and the importance of Business Terms and Conditions. You can educate your clients about how to become your ideal client. By that I mean, when you are onboarding a client, communicate with them about your expectations of … Read more

Legal Agreements for your Clients and Paying Attention to the Services Section

Legal Agreements For Your Clients And Paying Attention To The Services Section

For coaches, consultants, therapists and photographers!!! Today I am talking about the need to pay attention to the Services section of your Client Agreement or Business Terms and conditions. A poor description with insufficient detail or one that doesn’t gel with what you actually do in your business leads to unhappy clients, legal issues and negative … Read more

Cutting Through the Overwhelm of Business Start-up: Legal Fundamentals

Legal Fundamentals for Start-up Business

Recently I participated in a video summit called “Cutting Through the Overwhelm of Business Start-up”. The summit was hosted by Tracy Cox from Different Drummer Coaching. The summit was held to help start-up business owners with the information they need to find their feet and get off to a good start in business. As a small … Read more

Legals For When You Are Working From Home

Legals For When You Are Working From Home

How do you legally protect yourself when working from home? Today I am talking about working from home and where that sits in the scheme of professionalism, self advocacy and choosing your life! You really must be prepared for feedback when clients aren’t prepared about what to expect when working with you. Whether you are working … Read more

Legal Terms & Conditions for Client On-Boarding in your Business

Legal Terms & Conditions for Client On-Boarding in your Business

What is your client on-boarding process and associated business legals? Today I am talking about client on-boarding, and what business legals you should consider to ensure expectations are set early in the relationship. Client on-boarding can be a seamless process when you have business legals such as client agreements, terms and conditions, and ecommerce policies in place. When … Read more

3 Important Legal Documents You Need To Have BEFORE You Sell Online

3 Important Legal Documents You Need In Online Business

Starting an online business means different things to different people. To some it means being able to: Contribute to the income of the household or even becoming the breadwinner of the family; Spend time with kids, watch them grow and be a part of their lives everyday; Live the laptop life, travel the world and soak in new … Read more

Business Collaboration: Things To Consider Before You Collaborate

business collaboration - legal things to consider - brisbane lawyer shalini

If you are considering a business collaboration, make sure you have all of your ducks in a row first. Collaborating can bring the best of skill sets together. If you are a solopreneur, a collaboration will allow you to offer a wide range of services that can help you get visible and grow your business. However… Business … Read more