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Legally Shalini - Blog Cover Templates have Rules of Use

When purchasing a template, it’s important to understand the rules of use. I want to share a conversation with you about using Legally Shalini templates for commercial purposes, other than your own  website and business because this applies to any templates you buy to use in your business. A website developer client (non-affiliate) asked me … Read more

Mindset, Relationship, and Life Coaches – how well is your client agreement written?

Coaching or therapy service providers

Being a Heart Centred Entrepreneur – What Does Your Client Agreement Say About You? Law is not the easiest of professions.  Trust me, we do not come to our profession with creativity, empathy and heart space as a priority. Creativity and heart-centeredness is beaten out of us at law school and then the demands of … Read more

How well do you really know your business?

We all like to think that we know our businesses inside out, but if you don’t have a solid client agreement, how well do you really know your business? You may know that you have a service or product-based business, and that you’re seeing clients, or that you’re generating sales. You may have processes that … Read more

Protecting Your Intellectual Property In Your Business T&Cs

protecting intellectual property

Protecting intellectual property You’ve worked hard creating your business, right? It’s taken a lot of thinking and overthinking and discussion with besties and mentors to refine your business idea and to come up with that perfect business name. Right? Have you considered that your business name and logo are business assets and you need to … Read more

Do You Know Who You Are Doing Business With?

who you are doing business with

Do you really know the Muffin Man? Ha ha! What I mean is, do you know who you’re actually doing business with? Sometimes, the name of the person you’re directly working with is not the name that should be shown on the client agreement or invoice. In order to make sure you have recourse to … Read more

10 Ways Business Terms & Conditions Educate Your Clients

10 Ways Business Terms & Conditions Educate Your Clients

Hey you, yes you…over there. Yes you who are poring over your social media post plans, your canva graphic creation to match your #helpfultips posts, and your offer copy that you labour over for #promoday not to mention trying to find a graphic to match! You are spending a lot of sweat, time, and possibly … Read more

4 online business legals you must have for startup and beyond!

4 online business legals you must have for startup and beyond!

Essential Business Legals I want to talk to you about four essential business legals Solopreneurs at Startups need.  It’s not a luxury. You can’t just put it off; it’s something that will provide foundational support for your business in terms of clients working well with you, in terms of getting paid on time, in terms … Read more

Why start-ups struggle to define boundaries in their business

boundaries in business for freelancers

Boundaries are a big game changer in business. When you know what you are prepared to do, and importantly what you are not prepared to put up with, you start to feel confident to put those rules and regulations out there for your clients (current and potential) to view and consider. It’s when this starts … Read more

9 Self-Advocacy Tips for Freelancers

Self-Advocacy Tips for Freelancers

New to freelancing, or looking to develop your self-advocacy? Freelancing or embracing the self-employed lifestyle where you are offering your expertise to multiple clients is an exciting change of direction when you choose to do it. It’s a big and often welcome change to the restrictions of being employed. Launching and marketing your new service as a freelancer … Read more

5 key things you need to know about crafting Terms & Conditions for your business

5 things you need to know about Terms & Conditions for your business

There’s a difference between commercial law and what I do. The reason I say there’s a difference between commercial law and startup business law and advocacy is because the needs are different. I work exclusively with solopreneurs and startups. The reason I do this because in the first 5 years of business your needs are … Read more

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