End of Financial Year Legal Checklist – for June 2021

End of Financial Year Legal Checklist

So you blinked, and it’s already the End of Financial Year! Along with all your financial responsibilities, don’t forget that there’s a few legal responsibilities too!  With all the turmoil recently, things are likely to be extra-complex this year, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Before you start to dread the weeks ahead … Read more

Did you know…? Templates have rules of use! Read on….

Legally Shalini - Blog Cover Templates have Rules of Use

When purchasing a template, it’s important to understand the rules of use. I want to share a conversation with you about using Legally Shalini templates for commercial purposes, other than your own  website and business because this applies to any templates you buy to use in your business. A website developer client (non-affiliate) asked me … Read more

Mindset, Relationship, and Life Coaches – how well is your client agreement written?

Coaching or therapy service providers

Being a Heart Centred Entrepreneur – What Does Your Client Agreement Say About You? Law is not the easiest of professions.  Trust me, we do not come to our profession with creativity, empathy and heart space as a priority. Creativity and heart-centeredness is beaten out of us at law school and then the demands of … Read more

Testimonials for Small Business – legal problems and solutions.

Legally Shalini - Blog Cover - Testimonials for Small Business

If you’re a small business, testimonials from happy customers are great to use when encouraging new customers to choose you, rather than your competition. They can be a key factor deciding whether to work with you or not, so it’s important to get them right. But you need to make certain you have legal permission to … Read more

Are penalty fees legal?

Is it legal to charge late payment, penalty or cancellation fees? With all the Corona and COVID issues at the moment, there’s so many order cancellations, late payments, and customers defaulting on invoicing at the moment – it seems timely to discuss the legalities of charging non-payment, late payment, penalty or early cancellation fees. So … Read more

How well do you really know your business?

We all like to think that we know our businesses inside out, but if you don’t have a solid client agreement, how well do you really know your business? You may know that you have a service or product-based business, and that you’re seeing clients, or that you’re generating sales. You may have processes that … Read more

4 online business legals you must have for startup and beyond!

4 online business legals you must have for startup and beyond!

Essential Business Legals I want to talk to you about four essential business legals Solopreneurs at Startups need.  It’s not a luxury. You can’t just put it off; it’s something that will provide foundational support for your business in terms of clients working well with you, in terms of getting paid on time, in terms … Read more

Managing Fears In Business With Well Drafted Legal Contracts

Managing Fears In Business With Well Drafted Legal Contracts

If you’re a solopreneur, then managing fear in business is something you do on a daily basis. There are two main fears that come up for solopreneurs frequently that can be managed quite effectively with well-crafted legals. Starting your business, creating products and services, your brand and marketing your business while putting yourself out there … Read more

5 Important Reasons Why Yoga Teachers Require Website Policies

5 Important Reasons Why Yoga Teachers Require Website Policies

Why Yoga Teachers Require Website Policies Recently I had a conversation with a Yoga Teacher who provided classes at her studio. She really had her mind set on a few things: “I don’t need to have Terms of Use, a  Disclaimer or a Privacy Policy on my website because I am not providing any health … Read more

8 Reasons To Have A Contract When You Freelance

8 reasons to have a contract when freelance

If you work for yourself and you have multiple clients, then you are a freelancer. But do you implement a contract when you freelance? It’s a great feeling being the boss in your own business and when you start freelancing you pretty much wing it. You take what work comes your way, you make quick … Read more

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