Powerless to Empowered: Self Advocacy Sessions for Entrepreneurs

Each time a client contacts me to talk about their client agreement, we devote a session to what I call “THE STRUGGLE”: the recognition that we all need self-advocacy skills in business.

What does self-advocacy mean?

In business, as in life, self-advocacy means a person’s ability to effectively communicate, negotiate, or assert their own desires, needs, and rights. Self-advocacy means making informed decisions and taking responsibility for those decisions.

In this session I will help you identify and improve areas in your business processes and relationships where you feel you could be performing or presenting more confidently or where you feel that you have some resistance or fear in standing up for yourself or your business to clients, suppliers or colleagues.

This session is to find your confidence to stand in your truth and to address areas of your business processes and your responses that don’t sit right for you or make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable

Sometimes the work is done in one session.  Other times additional sessions may be required.  Additional sessions can be booked after the first session.

Single Session $350 + GST


“Being relatively new to business, I was facing my first, large service contract, and needed good guidance; not just legal, but also some mentoring to get me over the line in negotiating a deal that could make or break my company.

It felt good knowing that Shalini was there, in my corner the whole way through. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I now also have an excellent starting point for any future negotiations. I would highly recommend Shalini’s services, whether you are new to business or experienced.” 

– Lindsay Hunt, Consultant

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