Legal Contract Review

Have you got a client contract /coaching agreement you had written up a while back, or one that you cut and pasted from someone else and you are not sure about it or are reluctant to use it?

Do you need it legally reviewed to ensure it is meaningful for your business and will educate your client about how to work with you well AND protect you and your business?

A legal review means:

  1. You share your document with me
  2. I will review the document and provide my legal opinion and comments.
  3. I will take care of minor changes and amendments.

The review will also tell you:

  1. What clauses are required
  2. What aspects of your business process are not included or need to be clarified or addressed
  3. Recommendations for improvement you can do yourself.


  • Contract Advice Only from $495 including GST
  • Review & Update from $880 including GST

Please note that a review not a re-draft, only minor amendments are included. You will be provided with a further quote where a substantial redraft of your agreement is a required.

Price confirmed after sighting your contract.

Book in a chat with me to see if your contract is eligible for review.

Law with heart and soul

In addition to standard legal services, I offer advice to help you:

  • Understand what your business legal needs really are
  • Gain clarity around WHY you do what you do
  • Tailor your client agreements based on your strengths
  • Provide clarity in communication for both you and your clients

Caring, practical and effective advice that will save you time, build your confidence, and provide hands-on support when you’re too emotionally invested to be objective.

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