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Love your legals Webinar series

I’ve done three wonderful webinars in the Love Your Legals series, all of them on legals for small-business owners. You can read a bit more about each of the webinars and watch the replays below.

Do I need legals for that?

What sort of legal documents do I need in my business? This webinar will tell you. It goes through client agreements, website legals, and other legals.

Nail your client agreements

Client agreements are more than just legal documents—they’re business intelligence tools. Why should you have a client agreement and how do you create one? Find out in this webinar.

Love your legals, love your website

If you have a website for your business, you need website legals! This website goes through the legals you need and how to get them.


I run masterclasses to help business owners. You can access those replays below.

Self-advocacy masterclass

A masterclass on how self-advocacy can benefit business owners. Business owners don’t advocate enough for themselves in their business, but knowing how to will help you to succeed and feel more at ease in your business.

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