Legal Agreements for your Clients and Paying Attention to the Services Section

Client Service Agreements for Service Providers – coaches, consultants, therapists and photographers!!! 

Client Service Agreements – Today I am talking about the need to pay attention to the Services section of your Client Agreement or Business Terms and conditions.

A poor description with insufficient detail or one that doesn’t gel with what you actually do in your business leads to unhappy clients, legal issues and negative feedback.

You can avoid all of this by paying attention to how you describe your client services and understanding the impact on your business as a valuable tool for
1. Auditing your operations
2. Quality assuring your business processes
3. Educating your clients
3. Aligning actual delivery with your marketing promises.

If you would like to know what your Client Service Agreement and Business Terms and Conditions should include, watch the video below and download my Client Agreement Checklist to ensure you and your business is protected.

Or book a Quick Chat with me to discuss your individual situation.

Shalini XX

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