Does My Business Need a Privacy Policy?

Privacy policies are one of those things that many start-ups think they don’t need to worry about. However, almost every business needs to have an effective privacy policy. A privacy policy is a statement or a legal document that discloses how you gather, use, disclose, and manage a customer, website visitor, or client’s data. It … Read more

Have you read any Terms & Conditions lately?

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I’m often asked whether a contractual term or condition is legally binding, and/or enforceable.

Because let’s face it, so many people don’t take time to read, and properly understand ALL the clauses in a contract. Just think of all the times you:

– clicked “accept” on a cookie message,

– accepted new phone software terms of use that pops up with software updates,

– or skimmed through a business service agreement or client contract,

without reading the terms and conditions.

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When Copy/ Paste Becomes IP Theft.

When Copy/ Paste Becomes IP Theft. So, you’re a new small business, everyone wants a piece of your time, your suppliers all want their money and your customers are refusing to pay.  Your profits are being squashed from all sides, and something’s got to give. You are looking to cut corners.  Get something for nothing.  … Read more

The Law About “Valued At” Pricing


Valued At Pricing “Valued At” pricing is something you will see a lot, especially online.  It often looks something like this: “Purchase now for $97 (valued at $597): “Early Bird Price $97 (Value $497)” “Buy now $450 (Value $3500)” I’ll bet you’ve seen this before.  You might even have done it for your own business. … Read more

3 critical affiliate link disclosures for Australian bloggers

3 critical things you must know about affiliate link disclosures as an australian blogger

Affiliate link disclosures are a legal requirement, whether you blog for money or for pleasure. So if you’re an Australian blogger, here are 3 critical things you need to know about your affiliate link disclosures. Affiliate link disclosures will impact you, whether your blog takes the form of an online personal diary, a lifestyle commentary, … Read more

Is it OK to use images from Google on my website?

using google images on your website

Are you writing a blog and wondering what the deal is with using photos from the internet? The internet is a visual smorgasbord – photos are dished up from everywhere – published on Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. So, the question is: Can you download a photo from Google (or other platforms) and use them … Read more

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