Business Legal Intelligence Session

Do you have a questions about happenings in your beautiful  business you wish a lawyer with a love and understanding for small business can answer in a short sharp session?

A Business Legal Intelligence session is what you need to:

  • find a solution
  • obtain direction
  • find clarity in some confusion
  • move forward in your business with confidence

Whether you have one challenge or a bundle, bring it all to our session.

Make a list and be ready.

During our session you can seek advice on:

  • Your business structure and start-up legals
  • Client relationships
  • Legal issues around collaborations
  • Trademarking
  • Self advocacy training
  • Negotiating with clients and suppliers
  • Explanation and direction on business agreements such as leases, employment contacts, consultancy agreements
  • Website policies, online course or e-commerce legals
  • And pretty much anything legal, business or self advocacy related that you need to resolve or find direction on.

As a lawyer and small business mentor. I look after your legals and teach you how to be your best advocate in their business so that the many challenges that come up in your business life are handled by you with wisdom, skill and self care.

Session Fee: $275
Session Duration: 30 minutes

about-legally-shalini brisbane legal advisor

“I would highly recommend Shalini’s services, whether you are new to business or experienced. Professional, friendly, prompt service, and always very helpful and supportive.” Lindsay Hunt

Shalini has been an absolute blessing to my business.” Claire Richardson

“Shalini, you’re worth your weight in gold!” Jeanne Cotter

Shalini helped shape how I fit me, the business owner, into my business. She let me know how I can structure my agreements so that I could still get the warm and fuzzies while still getting recognised for my work.” Lynette Delane

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