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Coaching or therapy service providers

Do you have a Service Contract? Your own custom drafted service contract for YOUR coaching service? Perhaps you offer some or all of these – Business coaching Mindset coaching Visibility coaching Health coaching Energetic therapies Holistic Health Massage therapy Nutritional coaching Coaching Packages A contract is an agreement made between you and your client that … Read more

When Copy/ Paste Becomes IP Theft.

When Copy/ Paste Becomes IP Theft. So, you’re a new small business, everyone wants a piece of your time, your suppliers all want their money and your customers are refusing to pay.  Your profits are being squashed from all sides, and something’s got to give. You are looking to cut corners.  Get something for nothing.  … Read more

I am Woman. I am Human. I am a Legal Practitioner.

Shalini Nandan Singh Brisbane Contract Lawyer

This is difficult to write… but write it I must. Tonight, like so many other business women, I am feeling very stressed, overwhelmed and so tired. The most positive thing I can summon energy for is hot milo on coconut milk and Bloodline on Netflix and my couch. Normally when I am feeling stressed, I just … Read more

Are penalty fees legal?

Is it legal to charge late payment, penalty or cancellation fees? With all the Corona and COVID issues at the moment, there’s so many order cancellations, late payments, and customers defaulting on invoicing at the moment – it seems timely to discuss the legalities of charging non-payment, late payment, penalty or early cancellation fees. So … Read more

How Your Client Agreement Builds Better Relationships

Legally Shalini - Client Agreement

Shalini recently spoke with Lauren Stratford, Productivity Coach at Seriously Sorted, regarding client agreements and the multitude of benefits.  You can listen here to the podcast, or you may prefer to read the transcript below. As always, if you need help with your own client agreement, you can contact me for a free chat, or … Read more

How well do you really know your business?

We all like to think that we know our businesses inside out, but if you don’t have a solid client agreement, how well do you really know your business? You may know that you have a service or product-based business, and that you’re seeing clients, or that you’re generating sales. You may have processes that … Read more

The most important question to ask your business coach – Do you have a Coaching Agreement?

Coaching Contracts are Important

Coaching Agreement – There is always something to be learned from an ordinary or poor coaching experience but by far the biggest lesson is to avoid a Coach that does not have a fair and well thought out Coaching Contract. Are you satisfied with your coaching experience? Engaging a coach requires you have a rapport … Read more

Now more than ever Refund Policies are important to your business

Refund Policies are Important

Refund Policy – Because of the current crisis in health and the economy, people are very concerned about spending money.  They are looking carefully at refund policies for online sales of products and services. Are you selling online –  products which require delivery, courses, memberships, programs, coaching or consulting service?  Then you need a Refund … Read more

Common Pain Points New Female Entrepreneurs Face During Their Start-up Phase

Common pain points new female entrepreneurs face in business

Having been in the legal space for going on 20 years, it’s safe to say that I have had a vast number of conversations with business owners seeking legal support! Some were with established business owners. Some were with men in business. But by far largest business owner group I have supported are new female … Read more

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