Will you or won’t you?

Legal Will to protect your business - Brisbane Lawyer

So you have completed your financial planning and it’s a good feeling right? Your financial planning process may have involved decisions and changes about your home loans and mortgages, new investments, selling of existing assets or investments, insurance policies, your superannuation and savings management. Now you know that you have prepared as best you can … Read more

Why should I bother with website legals? (And how do I write them?)

website legals for online small business owners

Who has time for Website Legals? Your business is birthing, you have started marketing, and you are all over Facebook, Instagram, and your website (all of which are going to showcase your beautiful business to the world). You have spent bucketloads of time and angst writing the perfect ‘about’ page, crafting landing page copy, taking … Read more

How to be a better advocate for your business

Shalini Nandan Singh Legal advocate & Business Advice

I have been working in the world of client agreements intensively for the last 18 months. Each time a client contacts me to talk about their client agreement, we devote a session to what I call “THE STRUGGLE”: the recognition that we all need self-advocacy skills in business. What does self-advocacy mean? In business, as … Read more

4 reasons your client agreement is more than just a legal document

client agreement is more than a legal document

Although many business owners neglect them, a client agreement is a vital business tool for managing your business. A client agreement is much more than just a legal document – a good agreement is about gathering business intelligence so that you can refine your processes, find the right clients, make money with ease and grace, and … Read more

Three ways to make striking out on your own easier

Three ways to make striking out on your own in business easier 2

A client came to me recently when she was thinking about leaving her full-time job to startup a business of her own. She had thought about it for a while—in fact, she had already tried to go into business once before, but had been too scared and worried to go for it. She didn’t believe … Read more

Should I use Templates for Business Legals?

templates for business legals policies and agreements

Templates for Business Legals – To Use, or Not To Use.  That is the question. Often, when business owners need a client agreement or a website policy, their first instinct is to look online for a template, or to copy from another business. Client Agreements and your website policies are documents that your customers use, … Read more

4 steps to Loving Your Legals

4 steps to loving your legals - Brisbane Lawyer

I have spent the last two weeks deeply considering and having lots of online and client conversations on the topic of LOVING YOUR LEGALS—an area that has been close to my heart for some time now. Recently, I presented an information-packed webinar called “Do I need legals for that?”, and soon I will be presenting … Read more

Why some solopreneurs think client contracts are for the fairies

client contracts for fairies

I have been chatting to fellow solopreneurs in recent weeks about this and that… and oh yes Client Contracts, Business Agreements and Legals. Our businesses, mine and theirs, are about doing what we love, engagement with our tribe, aligning our values with practice – finding and living the big “WHY” of being solopreneurs and doing … Read more

What the hell is a lawyer doing hanging out with creatives?!

Shalini Lawyer for Women in Business - Brisbane Australia

My brother and I are both lawyers, and we’re good ones too.  We both come from good hardworking migrant stock – our children are first generation Australians.  He and I are off the boat! My dream is to have a hard hitting high profile law firm in Pitt St in Sydney.  Oh wait. No. That … Read more

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