How To Cover Yourself Legally When Promoting Your Business On Social Media

Cover Yourself Legally When Promoting Your Business On Social Media

When you are sharing a special promotion for your business on a platform like Facebook or Instagram, the responsibilities that come with it are similar to when you engage them in your services through the normal channels like your website or over the phone. Here’s a short video on how to cover yourself legally when … Read more

What Is A Jurisdiction And Why You Need To Know Yours

Small Business Lawyer Brisbane - What Is A Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction appears in almost every contract or terms and conditions I draft for my clients. I find that people often don’t understand what it means and how it affects dispute resolutions for your business. So what is a jurisdiction? Jurisdiction refers to the reach of the law in which your business operates. It’s the power … Read more

Managing Fears In Business With Well Drafted Legal Contracts

Managing Fears In Business With Well Drafted Legal Contracts

There are two main fears that come up for solopreneurs frequently that can be managed quite effectively with well-crafted legals. Starting your business, creating products and services, your brand and marketing your business while putting yourself out there can be daunting. It’s something all people who start a business experience. You need to build resilience … Read more

Do You Need Legals For Your Business Facebook Page?

Facebook Page Legals for Small Business

One of the most commonly asked questions I get from business owners is whether or not you still need legals if you’re only using Facebook to run your business. Watch the video below for the answer, and how to navigate this issue as a start-up entrepreneur. Many businesses start out by having online presence as … Read more

5 Sure-fire Ways To Stand Up For Yourself In Business

5 ways to stand up for yourself in business

Business, especially your own, can be a minefield of challenges. All business come across challenges sooner or later during their operation. Difficult clients, unreliable suppliers are just a few of those challenges. Just the changes you have to deal with on a day to day basis when you’re in business can be quite overwhelming. Add … Read more

What Is Self-Advocacy In Business

What is Self Advocacy - Legally Shalini

Self-advocacy is a passion of mine and an important aspect of my work. I love working with my clients and help them learn what is self-advocacy and how they be a better advocate for themselves, in the context of their business. Every time I speak to a client about their business, it relates to their … Read more

FAQ: Do I Really Need Website Legals?

FAQ Do I Really Need Website Legals

Short answer: YES! Picture this… Your website is ready to go and your launch is planned out for your new business.  All the hard work you have put into it is finally turning into what a business ready to soar looks like. Your feeling good, confident and generally pumped to get it going.  Then you receive an email … Read more

4 Key Things To Consider When Negotiating Contract Terms As A Freelancer

4 Key Things To Consider When Negotiating Contract Terms As A Freelancer

If you are doing any type of freelance work, or working as an independent contractor, I highly recommend having a contract in place with any client. When you have had an informal conversation with someone about work that you are going to do for them and they come back to you with a contract, pay … Read more

Why start-ups struggle to define boundaries in their business

boundaries in business for freelancers

Boundaries are a big game changer in business. When you know what you are prepared to do, and importantly what you are not prepared to put up with, you start to feel confident to put those rules and regulations out there for your clients (current and potential) to view and consider. It’s when this starts … Read more

9 Self-Advocacy Tips for Freelancers

Self-Advocacy Tips for Freelancers

Freelancing or embracing the self-employed lifestyle where you are offering your expertise to multiple clients is an exciting change of direction when you choose to do it. It’s a big and often welcome change to the restrictions of being employed. Launching and marketing your new service as a freelancer or independent contractor brings with it all the ups … Read more

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