How well do you really know your business?

We all like to think that we know our businesses inside out, but if you don’t have a solid client agreement, how well do you really know your business? You may know that you have a service or product-based business, and that you’re seeing clients, or that you’re generating sales. You may have processes that … Read more

Is it OK to use images from Google on my website?

using google images on your website

Are you writing a blog and wondering what the deal is with using photos from the internet? The internet is a visual smorgasbord – photos are dished up from everywhere – published on Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. So, the question is: Can you download a photo from Google (or other platforms) and use them … Read more

Do You Know Who You Are Doing Business With?

who you are doing business with

Do you really know the Muffin Man? Ha ha! What I mean is, do you know who you’re actually doing business with? Sometimes, the name of the person you’re directly working with is not the name that should be shown on the client agreement or invoice. In order to make sure you have recourse to … Read more

How To add your Privacy Policy to your Facebook Page

adding your privacy policy to facebook

Did you know that General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that your Facebook Business Page have a compliant Privacy Policy uploaded? This requirement educates your visitors on how you manage information they may be asked to provide via your Facebook Business Page. This video is about the steps on how to upload your Privacy Policy … Read more

Why start-ups avoid setting up legals

It is all too common that setting up legals are a lower priority for new business owners. So why should legals be a priority in start up phase? And why are they so often avoided? This question was raised by members of a business mastermind in which I participate as a legal coach and mentor. … Read more

10 Ways Business Terms & Conditions Educate Your Clients

10 Ways Business Terms & Conditions Educate Your Clients

Hey you, yes you…over there. Yes you who are poring over your social media post plans, your canva graphic creation to match your #helpfultips posts, and your offer copy that you labour over for #promoday not to mention trying to find a graphic to match! You are spending a lot of sweat, time, and possibly … Read more

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