Shalini Nandan-Singh

Lawyer & Contract Specialist for Entrepreneurs

Shalini Nandan-Singh is a community-minded, contract loving lawyer with over fifteen years experience. Brisbane-based, Shalini was born in Fiji and has lived between Australia and Fiji for many years.

Shalini completed her law degree in 2003 and also holds degrees in both journalism and public relations and worked in those fields prior to working as a lawyer. Shalini’s husband is also a lawyer and together they set up their own law firm in Fiji – BSA Law.

Humanising the relationship between the law and business owners is an important aspect of Shalini’s work, as informed by her personal life experiences and philosophy.

She founded Legally Shalini in 2015 to provide empowered legal services for female entrepreneurs to help them learn to #loveyourlegals and see their legals as the “business power tools” that they are.

Shalini believes that your business legals can be an authentic extension of your business to create positive business boundaries, allowing you to work with your clients with compassion and understanding.

Legal documents don’t have to be standard and formal. In fact, Shalini provides customised, humanised agreements that you can easily understand and explain to your clients, that support both your present and future business.

The law doesn’t have to represent clinical and/or fear-based documentation!

That’s why Shalini is all about educating entrepreneurs on how to protect themselves in business and to #loveyourlegals

Shalini Nandan-Singh is a passionate lawyer who enjoys empowering small business owners to build confidence and understanding around their legal requirements. It’s not just about contracts and agreements, or finding and closing every possible loophole to keep your business ‘safe’. It’s about empowerment! 

Business is a personal journey and Shalini enjoys being a part of that journey with her clients.

Shalini Nandan Singh Brisbane Contract Lawyer

Outside of the office…

Shalini has a passionate interest in the performing arts, spending time with her animals (four dogs, including three huskies!), cooking for friends, and creating connection and conversations around enterprise and entrepreneurship.

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