Why love your legals?
Because it’s not about ironclad contracts or closing every loophole;

It’s about empowering yourself with the knowledge, tools and confidence to run your business safely and ethically.

My name is Shalini Nandan-Singh – I’m lawyer, contract specialist, speaker and advocate for women in business.

I help Australian service-based entrepreneurs protect their business and their bottom line with empowered legal advice and contracts.

I want to give you the knowledge, tools and confidence to know where you stand
– and to stand your ground.

A little more about me…

Born in Fiji, I’ve moved between Fiji and Australia my whole life. Today, my family are spread across a number of continents and I call Brisbane my home.

I founded Legally Shalini in 2015 to provide empowered legal services for female entrepreneurs. I wanted to help people see their legals as ‘business power tools’ that support growth and connection, rather than overwhelming blocks to business success.

I’m fiercely protective of those in my tribe. Protecting others has defined my personal life and my professional one and plays a big role in the way I help my clients.

Early in my life, my career was determined by choices that felt outside my control. I love Legally Shalini as this is my business, which I run on my terms. That sense of ownership is so empowering – which is why helping other female entrepreneurs to grow their own business is so important to me.

I firmly believe that your business legals should be an authentic extension of your business, creating positive business boundaries that support you in working with your clients with compassion and understanding.

Formal, confusing legal language should be a thing of the past. The whole point is to create tailored documents and discussions that make life simpler for you to run your business, and for your clients to understand how you can help (and their obligations for things to work!).

With more than 15 years’ experience as a lawyer, I offer caring, practical and effective legal advice and services to online business owners just like you to ensure they’re educated, protected, and empowered.

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