In the back of your mind, do you worry about things such as…

  • What legals do I need to protect myself and my business?
  • How do I avoid being sued or ripped off?
  • How do I confidently sign legal documents?
  • Whether your current contracts are actually any good?
  • Who can you ask without it costing a fortune?

You’re an entrepreneur, and there’s always more on your to-do list than hours in the week. You get through what you can, which can make it easy to ignore the more confusing aspects of being in business such as making sure you’ve got your business covered from a legal perspective.

It’s time to give your legals some love!

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clairev richardson testimonial

Shalini has been an absolute blessing to my business. Without Shalini I had none of the processes and procedures in place to cover myself. I would stress over it constantly but just didn’t know what to do about it without paying thousands for a lawyer.

Shalini helped me to realise that service agreements and legals are nothing to be scared of. I now feel empowered that MY TERMS of business are documented clearly for clients from the beginning of a relationship.

Claire Richardson


Law with heart and soul

In addition to standard business legal services, Shalini offers advisory sessions that educate and empower women in business to self-advocate, protect themselves and build the confidence to stand their ground.

Shalini works closely with you to ensure that you:

  • Understand what your business legal needs really are
  • Gain clarity around WHY you do what you do
  • Tailor your client agreements based on your strengths
  • Provide clarity in communication for both you and your clients

Shalini works with small business owners & entrepreneurs who…

  • Are already charging money/seeing clients
  • Want their clients to prosper as well as their own business
  • Would like grounded and realistic support to build their business
  • Are interested in developing resilience and self-advocacy
As your legal advisor, Shalini can help you
  • gain control of your mindset and heart-space when business decisions feel overwhelming.
  • save you time, build your confidence, and provide hands-on support when you’re too emotionally invested to be objective.
  • Provide legal documentation, research and administration support services for legal-related tasks, and issues that you could do yourself and choose not to.
  • Will be honest with you about when you *really need* a lawyer, and help you find one that suits your values and budget!
  • Helps you identify legal tasks and issues that you can easily do on your own. (This can be a great way to build your business-skills, and save money in legal fees!)
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Talk To Shalini

Do you need legal advice or new contracts for your business?

Book a quick free chat with Shalini to gain clarity around your legal needs for your business.


I found the legal side of my business overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start. I was holding my breath hoping nothing would go astray! 

Shalini explained to me in her professional, yet friendly manner why and how having the legal side of my business in order reduces my risk. Shalini took the time to fully understand my business, how each of my services operated and explained what I needed without any legal jargon. It was a very refreshing experience!

Gail O’Keeffe

Business Contracts & Legal Advice for Women In Business

As a professional lawyer for over 15 years, Shalini Nandan offers caring, practical and effective legal advice and services to online business owners to ensure they are educated, protected, and empowered.

Contracts and agreements are Shalini’s legal passion. She can prepare for your business:

  • Client agreements and contracts
  • Website terms of sale, terms of use, disclaimers and privacy policy
  • Online course terms and conditions
  • Personal Wills
Free client agreement legal checklist - Australian legal client document

Are your client agreements properly protecting you and your business?

Download Shalini’s free checklist to learn what you need to include in your client agreements.

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